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Posted in Knits | Stash, March 5, 2018

Hello friends. What are you up to? Are you shocked it is March? I know I am. And excited to see signs of Spring! Daffodils! Daylight Savings! Yes!!

I haven’t been reading a ton. Just a chapter here and there of my current read. I’m enjoying it a lot, just been pulled in other directions lately. Also trying to finish this behemoth (leviathan?) of a read with my husband called MOBY DICK…boy have I been contemplating the review I will write on that thing!! But anyway, I had the realization I had NOTHING on my knitting needles – besides this blanket that has been a wip for YEARS, I’ll post on that sometime soon. So I told myself to take a break from hats and start something new and different. So I cast on a scarf, which sounds so weird to say because I can’t tell you the last time I made one.

This will be a Beeswax Scarf. I fell in love with the modern, geometric patterning. I’m using Cascade 220. Love this cinnamon-y colorway. There’s a whole series of these beeswax patterns… hat, mitts, etc.

Also I had a stash enhancement this week! I don’t buy often as I am actually trying to stash down some but when I saw there was some Hello Yarn up for grabs… well a girl doesn’t hesitate! This is Winter Warmer and it’s on an Organic Polwarth wool…so pretty!

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  1. Hello Bethany! So happy it’s March here too. All seasons have their charms but coming out of Winter is always a favorite time of year for me. I cannot wait to be able to stay outdoors and enjoy a bit of sunshine. Your scarf looks lovely. The Beeswax pattern series caught my eyes too, especially the shawls (the Bee Queen I think) and the hat. And the fiber! So lovely. Actually you might have caused an impulsive act of fiber buying ^-^. I did not know Hello Yarn so thanks for the introduction! Do you have plans for that marvel of a braid? Lately I’ve been spinning a lot (got my first wheel in January) and am exploring the vast expanses of color management with dyed fiber. So much fun! I’m currently spinning for socks with some Wound Up Fiber Arts scrappy socks set. Lots of colours! It’s going to be an interesting pair of socks. sAs always, thank you for sharing and lots of happy knitting/spinning vibes!

    1. Hey Christelle! Happy to influence a little fiber buying 😉 Hello Yarn is my weakness. So wish I was part of her fiber club! I do plan to spin this new fiber with another Hello Yarn braid, the colors are very similar and I think they will pair well together. They’re different fibers though so I don’t know how that will go. Probably will be my next spin! What type of wheel did you decide on? Also I didn’t know there was a beeswax shawl, going to have to check that out!! Thanks always for reading Christelle!

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